Military Surplus

Military Surplus Auctions

Live Military Surplus Auctions: Bidding Starts at Just $1.00

BidsTada offers a wide range of military surplus auctions, allowing you to load up on genuine new and used military grade gear:

“We acquire our often new stock of military surplus items through numerous reputable sources around the world.”

  • Camouflage Backpacks
  • Armored Vests
  • Shotgun Scabbards
  • Camo Suits
  • Drag Bags
  • War Patches
  • Military Assault Packs
  • Deployment Bags
  • Gas Masks
  • Military Vehicles

BidsTada’s military surplus auctions offer collectors and retailers a secure system for finding and acquiring deals on unique items without traveling to major auction events. We personally recover our military surplus gear from liquidation sales, personal and business bankruptcies, and from government seized asset sell-offs.

Buy Up Large Military Surplus Auctions Inventories for Pennies on the Dollar

BidsTada has access to military liquidation sales that aren’t always accessible to or feasible for the public to attend. For the shop owner or reseller, this means that you can practically steal volumes of the high quality military gear at that the general public craves. Military backpacks, deployment bags, tents and other military gear is tough, rugged, and in demand by the public.

BidsTada Makes Manage Multiple Military Surplus Actions: Wherever, Whenever

BidsTada is not only designed for the single deal-seeker, but also for investors and business owners that are sourcing volumes of inventory to resell. We’ve designed tools to make it easy for you to manage multiple bids from your user control panel, place absentee bids while your away, or place live bids from your laptop or smart phone while on the go. With bidding on military surplus auctions starting at just $1.00 and access to feature-rich tools, BidsTada makes it easy for you to find the to buy in bulk for pennies on the dollar!

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